Tips For Planning A Successful And Exciting Workshop

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When the word ‘workshop’ comes into our heads, we usually imagine a series of boring speeches followed by dull activities. But workshops are actually supposed to be great learning tools and also information dissemination tools that actually work more than seminars and conferences. A workshop that is organised in a poor manner or has unclear goals will end up being a huge loss to the company in terms of finances, effort and productivity. When a workshop is held, it should be an occasion that your employees and guests celebrate, instead of an occasion to find excuses.
Create goals that are feasible
Although there is nothing wrong with dreaming and reaching the horizons, when you are trying to set the goals for a workshop, reaching beyond your means will fall flat. And you can break down the goals for the different components of the workshop separately, but the general slogan for the workshop needs to be one final goal that is to be printed on your advertising campaign. Professionals in event planning encourage the goal to be something that is achievable within the few hours that the workshop will be running. Goals should be simple and should state what you want to accomplish from the workshop, whether it is teaching a new skill, new company horizons, or getting your employees involved in new matters of the company.

Pick your attendees carefully
Usually when considering corporate event planning in Singapore or doing a workshop from a company’s standpoint, the attendees are usually invited guests. But when conducting a workshop for a larger group of people, or having an open workshop, the process tends to be wholly different. Usually having a set number of guests for your workshop will end up lessening the load on your plate a lot.
But if they are regulars at the workshop then you will not be able to learn more about organising workshops as you would already know what the guest would want. It is recommended to stick to around 10 to 15 guests on your first workshop as it is a number of people that is easier to handle. The number of guests will mainly depend on what you are offering at the workshop and what your budget is. The larger the number of guests, the less luxurious the workshop would be.
One of the vital parts of a good workshop is having ample space at the right location. If your guests are driving, then there should be enough parking space and a parking order. The location should be somewhere that is easy to get to by with public transport and has proper facilities that are required for conducting the workshop.