Tips For Office Wear

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Dressing to office and work is very different from the comfortable clothing we wear at home or to the dressy bling of a wedding or party. Although it sounds very simple at first glance, what you wear to office can have a significant impact on your outlook and how your colleagues and subordinates perceive you. Although you do not necessarily get paid or promoted based on your clothing, how you dress subconsciously defines in the minds of those around you on your performance and thus, dressing appropriately becomes a key factor. Here are a few tips for dressing appropriately to work.

Make it Appropriate to the Industry

Before buying yourself a flashy wardrobe filled with suits, think about the industry in which you work and how appropriate it would be and how it might assist in your day to day work. A mens suit in Singapore would be ideal for a lawyer or businessman to create an imposing façade for your opponents.

However, think about spending your whole day running around in a tuxedo on a construction site while making sure the plumbing and electrical lines are in place before proceeding with the plastering and finishing of walls. Therefore, make sure to find clothes appropriate for your industry which are comfortable rather than hindering to your daily activities.

The Right Fit

Having the right fit is also important. While clothes that are too baggy gives a very ‘sloppy’ exterior, clothes that fit too snug can be very disturbing in most cases. Thus, to keep things professional, make sure that you find your correct size when shopping. No one wants to be named the office tease in skirts too short or tops too tight or the office slob in giant baggy shirts and droopy pants. This not only applies to outer wear but also to your underwear. Finding the correct underwear size can be tricky business, but most sales outlets have a sales assistant who should be able to help you on that accord. Also, make sure to mix and match the right underwear with the clothes, especially when they are body hugging.

Careful Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is a fun way of extending your wardrobe without having to spend a few thousand dollars extra. However, one must remember to be careful when doing this and still remaining professional. While dull, plain tones can be easily matches, bring colors and prints can easily become gaudy and unprofessional if not handled properly. There are those golden rules in fashion of not mixing different prints in the same outfit or wearing contrasting lines on the top and bottom. There are obviously the exception to these rules. However, if you do not have a natural touch for mixing and coming up with new trends in fashion, it is best to stick to one print or one bright color per outfit so as to not run the risk of turning up as a clown.