The Influence Of Western Culture Across The World

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The east has usually been considered the birthplace of modern human civilisation, with emphasis on the first civilisation, Mesopotamia, formed between the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris. Since then, civilisation has grown and spread cross the world, and each carry their own set of cultures, customs, and practices, some of them based on thousands of years of tradition.
The modern world is a blend of many cultures and heritages. The advancement of science and technology has brought the world closer together and created a more global civilisation as well as citizen. One can communicate and maintain relationships with those thousands of miles away as easily as it is with those that live in their same home.
This growth in technology has also allowed different cultures to intermingle and create several subcultures, with elements of any cultures mixed into one. Migration across many countries has increased and sped up this process.
One of the most prominent influences in modern global culture is that which has originated in the west, mainly stretching from Europe to North and South America. Their influences in terms of music, food, art, and science has spread rapidly across the world. Even their languages and manners of speech has reached across the globe. Today, it is commonplace to see an Asian person dress in western attire as casually as they would their own culture’s attire, and speak English or French as fluently as they would Korean or Mandarin. In fact, ‘western culture’s no longer considered a separate influence. It has become so intertwined over the years with the eastern cultural practices and traditions, that it is no longer possible to see the two separately.
Moreover, the western ideologies of luxury and extravagance have also spread towards other parts of the world. Gone are the days in which American billionaires were the only individuals who could afford to make limousine charters and own private jets; in fact, India is now home to the most expensive and over-the-top home in the world, and boasts modern features that celebrate both western and Indian culture.
Furthermore, design industries have also been influenced by western culture, so much so that now even the west revere these creations by the east. An example is the luxury footwear line, Jimmy Choo; created by an Asian, but specializes in mainly western design, and is a globally recognized giant in the industry. Even technological giants, such as Samsung, and automobile industry magnates that brought forward companies such as Toyota and Honda, are all companies that used western technological growth and employed it to suit their own needs, and even made advancements far ahead of the west.