Setting Up A New Workplace: Little Known Expenditures

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Moving your workplace to a new premises is always a strenuous yet exciting experience. The move could have been prompted due to many reasons. Usually, it is to have more space for an expanding business.

When setting up a new workplace and office spaces, there are undoubtedly many different factors to pay attention to. For example, the cost of moving, the lease of the premises and its cost, and the facilities of the new environment, would all be included in the main concerns. However, there are some factors that are not given much consideration, much must be looked into in order to budget for any surprise expenditures.

Storage rental
Some office spaces do come with their own storage spaces. However, others have minimal facilities to house any storage in the workplace. For this reason, a storage system may have to be installed to meet your needs. Professional storage service providers do have specialized options for companies of different scales.

Storage prices in Singapore can be hefty, and if your company does deal with large amounts of equipment, documents, or other items that gather overtime, then it may have to incur a special cost for storage. Therefore, this concern would be a good item to add on to the list of unexpected expenditures that may arise.

Carbon footprint
Many companies are now required to minimize their amount of waste and increase efficiency with the environment in mind. In most parts of the world it is now common to calculate the carbon footprint generated by a company, and to give it guidelines as to how to reduce their footprint in a certain number of years. Most countries now tax businesses for pollution. If your company and its premises are not meeting the country’s regulations, then you may be fined for pollution and emission levels. This expenditure is also another which should be considered when opting for new premises.

Wastage of minor resources
The wastage of major resources can be catastrophic to a business. However, little attention is paid to the wastage of minor resources in the workplace. Simple items such as paperclips, copy paper, or printer toner can accumulate a large cost on an annual basis. These items, although usually used quite carelessly, can make quite a large dent in a company’s finances overtime.

There are many ways in which to minimize this problem. You can purchase the minimum amount of supplies for the office and keep a strict inventory of the number of items. You can also train your employees to make the maximum use of resources before discarding them or using fresher supplies.
However, it is always best to make provisions for this type of expenditure.