Seminars At Office You Have To Attend

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Whenever the bosses announce a workshop or seminar, most people take it as a sign that they can sneak off half-day or skip it altogether, like a welcome respite from actually working. While some workshops may actually be worthless, most of them are conducted with the intention of bringing everyone up-to-date and on the same page regarding company policies. Management will always know in which direction they want the company to go and how; the lowest rung of employees may not. So here are some seminars and workshops you should not miss in office:

Marketing Seminar

Whether or not your job has anything to do with marketing is irrelevant. Everyone benefits from a marketing seminar as long as it focuses on how those strategies are utilized in reliable corporate identity branding for the company concerned. Skip the seminar if it’s Marketing 101.

But if it tells you about changes to the mission statement, the short term and long term goals, any changes or new innovations in approaching customers, an overall change of concept, changes in promotional material and anything else related to corporate identity branding, then you need to attend that seminar in order to understand how to work the changes into your daily interaction with customers.

Team Building Workshop/ Corporate Retreat

Believe it or not, team skills matter even if you are a lone ranger – you need a crew to man the ship even if you’re captain. If done right, the team building workshops and company retreats can be fun sessions that result in better cohesion within the company, and more trust and loyalty too. All the physical activities and other challenges that are given you at these sessions are targeted to force you to think and act like a group; do it often enough and relying on a team becomes natural, translating into the work ethic within the office too. These sessions are not just about team play and leadership skills, it’s also about relaxing and having a good time too. When people have fun as a group, they bond through the casual social interaction, making for improved relation come Monday in office.

Focus Group Discussions

This is more of an HR thing, where focus groups are pulled from all over the office in order to determine whether there are any grievances or problems that the company needs to address. Focus group discussions are usually anonymous, and held purely for the purpose of gaining an opinion. Personal views don’t always count for much in focus group discussions, but this is a good space in which to address problems you might be having as a whole, such as difficult working conditions or work overload. You can talk about company policies, concepts, glass ceilings, promotional prospects and any other issue you have. Unlike the ‘suggestion box’, focus groups are more effective because they are held when HR genuinely needs and wants to hear the problems faced by other employees.