Organise A Community Run

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Today, everyone has a cause that they believe in and want to fight for. Perhaps, this year for your birthday you would like to donate to a particular cause or even to a charity – this could be for anything – you could donate to a school, a hospital or even to a foundation that does research on various illnesses. One great way to do this is to participate in a community run for your cause. This will not only help raise money but will also create awareness about your cause within your community. Here’s how you could get started.
Get funding
You may need to put together a project proposal before you can actually get funding. You will need to do some research on the organisation you are planning on donating to, provide details on how you plan to organise the run and detail what you need funds for and how potential sponsors might benefit – offer them publicity and offer to hang their banner or have their logo on a t-shirt if you are getting t shirt printing done for the run.
Another option is to request that they fund the t shirt printing for the run so that they can have their name on it and have a stamen released saying that t-shirts or polo tee will be offered by their company for participants.
Start publicity
You could start by sharing with your friends and family that this year you plan on organising a community run to raise fund for a particular cause and that you would love their support and participation. You could also share this on your personal social media accounts to start spreading the word. Another option would be to start an event page. Post details on the date, time and place at which the run will take place. Give people plenty of prior warning so that they have time to register and also give yourself at least two to three months to spread the word and crate some hype for the event. For instance, post regular updates on how the funding is coming alone. Mention large donors and thank sponsors for coming on board.
Get organised
There is a lot to organise when it comes to a community run. You will need to have a specified route and c-ordinate with local law enforcement and traffic wardens to ensure that the route is safe and that it will not obstruct traffic. In addition to this you may need to get some volunteers on board to help with the registration process. Ideally there should be a small registration fee – and those proceeds should go to the charity or cause of your choice – make sure that the public knows this. You are sure to gain a lot of interest and raise both money and awareness for your cause through this!