Is UHF Better Than VHF?

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A lot of people seem to think that UHF systems are better than the older VHF system. However, this might not be the case in every situation. There are many advantages of UHF technology, of course, but it isn’t the best choice for every single situation one encounters in the modern world. UHF is one of the most popular bands for communication in the world. This means that a lot of people are switching over to it. This causes the air waves to become crowded. If you imagine the tech to be a big room, UHF is one where there is a world-famous DJ, causing it to become packed with people. This makes it difficult to navigate through the band. In addition to this, a lot of bodies are still struggling to slap regulations on the band and its usage that actually make sense. When picking between the two bands, you are going to need to consider a few factors.
UHF and VHF Aren’t That Different
In spite of what you may think about the differences between the two, UHF tags and systems don’t offer that big a technical advantage over VHF. For the most part, this band is chosen because it is less likely for the connection quality to be interfered with by other electronic devices and household equipment. UHF uses a much higher frequency. This is suggested by the name: Ultra High Frequency as opposed to VHF: Very High Frequency. As the frequency increases, there is less likely to be any severe impairment due to the noise. In addition to this, there is the question of cost. For the most part, a VHF system is a lot less expensive than a UHF system. This is owed to the older tech as well as the decline in the popularity of such a system over the newer, better sibling.

Each System Has Its Own Perks
No matter the type of system you choose, it is highly suggested that you get yourself some diversity. While simply using UHF tags might seem like a good choice to you right now, you never know when you are going to need a VHF system as well. It is always best to have one on backup just in case you find yourself in a situation where you need one of these. There are some situations where it is going to be better to use UHF of course. These include moments when the transmitter has to be concealed on the body (yes, Mr. Bond, we are talking to you). You can also try inncom integrated room automation system.
The small size of the antenna and the transmitter means that they can be hidden with relative ease. If an antenna is needed to increase the operating range of the tag using a booster signal a UHF system would be a good choice as well.