How To Crack A Tough Nut Client?

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“I don’t understand why I even bothered working with you all!” “I am utterly disappointed” and lastly “I am revoking my agreement”. These are some conversation dialogs that any businessmen would have heard at some point or the other especially if they are a service supplying firm that works hand in hand with many other businesses. There are quite a few tough nuts to crack and impress in the industry, but when they finally transform in to more corporative persons you would realize how much you have been missing on. It these tough nuts that have the highest form of knowledge, experience and capabilities. Hence turning them to your side would certainly guarantee you a lot of benefits. Here are some tips you could try out to crack that tough nut!

A special treatment

Remember the days when you first tried taming your neighbor’s fierce dog that always used to rip your football in to two! Do you recall your approach to this? It was always slow and steady. Not too fast, where it will bite you neither too slow as well, so it takes its own cool time chewing on the possible shreds of your new football. Along with the slow and steady approach, you also try to charm your way through to retrieve the ball and establish trust between the two of you. Over time the fierce dog becomes a poodle at your feet! This is the same logic that applies here as well. Don’t rush your over-appreciativeness and good workman attitude on your client at an overbearing level! That would not only drive them far away from you, but it would also make them even more mad with your work. Go slow with whatever you are doing. Make sure that your work is presented to them in a manner that they would appreciate, and the only way to do this is through close observation. You could even throw in customised gifts as well just for the added charm while you work on simplifying and expressing your work in a manner that they would appreciate!


A praise and appreciation

Who doesn’t love to be on the receiving end of a compliment? No one! This applies to the tough nuts as well. Though they may act tough in their work and overall persona, a little compliment is sure to warm their hearts. Make it genuine and make it real! But also remember never to go on and on with it so it looks like you are sucking up to him or her! Instead dish out a couple when deemed appropriate and make sure it is meaningful and praise worthy as this is one of the best means that could be used to crack any tough nut and is way better than any ideal corporate gift Singapore!

You could also up your level of service as well to a position where the firm and the considering tough nuts are unable to compare you with any other competitor thus making them total dependents on you and your services. Over time they’d be sure to bend at your own will, intentionally or unintentionally!