False Advertising Tactics In The Marketing Industry

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Marketing being the behemoth that it is today, it is best not to trust anything until it has been tried and tested by you. There are so many competing products and services out there that marketing its brand is where different companies get their edge; and they are willing to say and do whatever it takes in order to do that. Some of these false advertising tactics are fairly obvious, but still good enough to make customers and clients fall for it. Here are a few of the most blatant shenanigans by marketers:

The Attractive Man or Woman

Ever wonder why a sexy, tanned girl has to lay down on a car to sell it? Or why a burgher ad features the luscious lips of a woman biting into the thick burgher? Or why women swoon around a hot young male after he has sprayed a certain body spray over himself? This is called a cognitive metaphor in linguistics and works by way of simple transference. By putting two things wholly other side-by-side, the advertisement transfers the qualities of one onto another. So the customer buys into the premise that a hunk of metal with an engine is as desirable and sexy as a semi-nude female model. This trope is so common that it hardly works the way its intended, which has given rise to other tactics like using powerful animals in sync with objects.

The Special Effects and CGI

This is yet another one that still has vogue on TV. Mostly used in body care products, special effects are used to market care products that affect miraculous changes in the users. For instance, a distraught young girl with dark circles is persuaded to try a new dark circle eye treatment or facial laser treatment. Miracle of miracles, the dark circles disappear just in time for her to attend a party with her crush and a close-up reveals that her pigmentation has disappeared.

The dark circle eye treatment works! Most such advertisements are heavily doctored with computer generated imagery. Shampoo ads are also culprits of this tactic. Most advertisements now come with a disclaimer in small writing that the effects of their product may have slight variations from person to person. Visit this website http://www.mwaesthetic.com/eyes/dark-eye-circleeyebags-signature-treatments/ for more informatrion about eyebags treatment.

Celebrity Endorsements

In some countries, it is illegal for celebrities to endorse a product that they have not used for a particular duration. Not so in others; celebrities are given million-dollar deals for endorsements that will shoot the sales through the roof thanks to a loyal fan base. Even in countries where it’s illegal for celebrities to publicly endorse something they haven’t tried, as a self policing industry, there is little to no backlash against the celebrities in question, unless it becomes a PR disaster. All of these celebrities are paid for their endorsement deals, so never trust what they say in an ad.