Do You Own The Perfect Bathing Suit?

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It is essential that you pick an appropriate swimsuit that serves your purpose. Especially if you are a competitive swimmer who constantly takes part in swimming meets, holding possession of a swimsuit by which you enhance speed is most important. If you are to feel confident in water, you need to ensure that your bathing suit too reflects it. Below are some important factors which should be known before your purchase a swim suit.

Boost your speed

Until the 70s and 80s, most women were forced to wear dress like swimsuits which were in no means helpful for the primary task they wear it for, which is swimming. Once the revolutionary change took place, women too were allowed to dress in one piece swimsuits which were fitting and light. At present, manufacturers of swim suit pay close attention to even the tiniest detail of the swimsuit material which would result in the swimmer being late or early by a mere millisecond. The reason for this are the fluid dynamics; therefore, these are tested well before releasing to the market where you’ll have a doorway to your next favourite bathing suit.

Does it suit your body shape?

Especially for women, considering the body size and shape is very important. Be it for your first lesson or lifesaving swimming lessons, choosing the right suit matters. The shape of your body will be the factor which determines whether your swimwear should be one piece or two-piece. For instance, if your body is shaped like an apple, purchasing a one-piece swim suit would be ideal; if it is hourglass shaped, then you can proceed with a two-piece such as a bikini bottom.

Colour and pattern

It may not seem all that important when swim suit colour comes into topic, but the hidden facts regarding this are that it does matter. Especially if you have taken lifesaving swimming lessons and works as a lifeguard at a local beach, you must always wear the colour red in order to be distinguished from others. Additionally, in order to look good in the eyes of others, you can use swimsuits with bright colours in your best shaped areas while the least prominent areas could be in dull or light colours.

Let yourself float

Feel confident in your swimwear. It is your choice to select the perfect match that fits your body. Therefore you must select a bathing suit which serves your primary purpose, suits your body shape and most importantly, one that makes you feel comfortable. Click this link for more information about Singapore basic lifeguard course.