Celebrating Your Best Friend’s Impending Motherhood

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If your best friend is expecting a baby and especially if you’re best friend is expecting her first baby, it is your duty to throw her a baby shower. A baby shower is a traditional little party where the brides girlfriends and female relatives get together to throw her a party and bring her a lot of gifts and food. It makes a mother to be feel very special and it is a must have event for any expectant mother. If you are interested about water absorbent ceramic coaster you can visit this site http://www.cera.com.sg.

Choosing a theme

It is customary to have a party that is themed after the baby’s gender if it is known. In other words, if your best friend is having a girl, you could host an “It’s baby girl” themed party and if it is a baby boy that is coming, you could have an “it’s a baby boy” party. However, if the gender of the baby is yet unknown, you could simple choose to host a themed party with the mother to be’s favorite story book, her favorite character or a general baby themed party. Baby shower gifts in Singapore are one of the most important aspects of the party and is in essence the reason one throws a baby shower. Having a new baby can be very expensive and can require hundreds of new things and this can cost a lot.

For this reason, it is important for the guests at the wedding to buy meaningful and useful gifts that will ease the mother to be’s financial burden and help her to move parenthood with as many things that she needs as possible. While a cute personalized coaster with your pictures on it might be a very sweet and adorable gift, you must keep in mind that with impending motherhood upon her, your best friend may need other things a lot more than a coater or a pretty framed picture.

If you are not a mother yourself, you might be completely clueless as to what to buy for your friend. Always remember that Google is your friend and will be able to give you a list of things that your best friend and mommy to be will need and you might want to include this list in the invitation to make life easier for the other guests of the baby shower. This way, you will not only make it easier for the guests to choose a gift but it will also prevent people from bringing silly and unnecessary gifts to the event. You could even register your friend at a mother care store to make it even easier for the other guests.