Budget Control In Office Parties

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Are you in charge of organizing all the office parties from farewells to promotions to Christmas and New Year celebrations? Not to fear, think of this as a way of getting out of work and out of the office, if it is something you hate to do due to the cheap budgets allocated by your boss and the snotty comments of your colleagues on the quality of the food or the place or the music. Here are a few ways in which you may be able to stretch the meager budgets set out by your boss and still surprise your colleagues with a great event.

The Decorations Budget

It is always fun and exciting to have the generally bleak office environment dolled up with balloons and streamers. However, rather than buying these off from the local store, you may be able to find wholesale dealers who would gives attractive discounts. Similarly, you may be able to get your colleagues some cheap corporate gifts.

Which can also be bought from corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore and make it more interesting for them. Everyone likes to take a small present however meager it may be. These small gifts can also become a part of the decorations. The food table is also a key area of the party. Therefore, why not use it to decorate the place up too? Having a fruit bowl or simply a centerpiece created by a mound of oranges or apples, which can still be eaten will help you cut down on both the decorations and food budgets by merging the two.

The Food Budget

Sometimes, rather than setting out finger food, set up a few bigger more filling dishes, such as buns, a pasta, lasagna along with a few salads and some diced up meats. The problem with small finger foods is that you will need to have a much larger quantity compared to when having proper meals. If it is a cocktail party you are expected to have, order more bun based products to fill your guests up rather than the pastries and cakes. Also, little cups or tarts of spaghetti may be a fun new interpretation to cocktail food which will help fill your colleagues up and reduce the load off the food budget. Also, try to find some small family run restaurants which offer great food. Compared to the upscale restaurants in town, you may be able to find a small restaurant who would be willing to charge half as much for the same quantity of food. If it is the brand your peers are worried about, let them taste the food first and then dis the food.